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Your Guide to Drilling Through Tiles

These days there are a lot of mountable items that can make your bathroom or any other area with a tiled wall look amazing. However, it can be expensive to get someone to drill through tiles and doing it yourself can seem like a daunting job.  However, the good news is that if you follow the correct procedure and use the right tools, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to breeze through the process.

So here are the correct steps to drill through tiles:

Clean the Tile

Firstly, make sure the surface of the tile is clean. You can do this by simply wiping the tile with a cloth soaked in soap and water.

Inspect the Tile

After the tile is clean, you can move on to giving the particular tile a thorough inspection. If the tile contains cracks (either superficial or deep), you should have it replaced before you attempt to drill or move on to another one.

Protect Yourself

We recommend that you always wear a pair of safety goggles in order to prevent any dust from getting into your eye. Additionally, if you tend to have allergic reactions to dust it might be wise to wear a filtering mask.

Choose the Right Bit

When drilling through tile, you definitely want to have the right tool for the job. The bit required will depend on the type of tile you’re intending to work with. For example, porcelain tiles are very hard and will require diamond core drill bits, which can penetrate extremely rough surfaces. For tiles that are more brittle however, glass bits should be adequate and more appropriate.

Mark the Spot

You could mark the spot where you’ll be drilling with an ordinary pencil or chalk. However, since pencil and chalk marks can potentially be hard to get rid of, we recommend that you paste on an ‘X’ shape with masking tape. The tape also reduces the risk of the drill bit wandering out of place by giving it a ‘grip’. In addition, masking tape can prevent any chipping around the hole.

Start Drilling

Before you actually start drilling however there’s one more thing left to do. Take your bit and position its tip at the centre of the ‘X’. Using a hammer, hit the blunt end of the bit extremely softly to make a ‘pilot hole’. A pilot hole will ensure that the drill bit is steadily positioned throughout.

Attach the bit to your drill and start drilling. Always begin at slower speeds because it enables you to have more control. Don’t try to push the bit into the tile and instead let it work its way down. This way you prevent any damage to your tile.

Drilling produces a lot of heat which can damage both the bit and the tile. Therefore, routinely drop small amounts of water into the hole to prevent that from happening.

And there you have it, the proper method for drilling through tile. If you follow every detail of this procedure, we guarantee that you’ll never have to outsource the job again.

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