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Why conventional solid hardwood flooring is timeless

Back in the time, the popularity of hardwood flooring was absolutely sky high. But with the introduction of vinyl and laminate flooring, the attention of the people was redirected, and with hybrid flooring, it was further redirected. But the question is, has the quality of hardwood flooring has gone down?

The short answer is no; and in the long answer, let us look at why exactly your prime choice should always be hardwood flooring, and then the floating floors.

Boost the overall property value

When you install floating planks on your floors, the buyers are going to know that it was the cheaper option. Regardless of how visually pleasuring, they look; the price won’t be able to be moved that much. Hardwood floors on the other hand age like fine wine.

Hence even if you sell the property after nearly two or three decades later, the presence of the hardwood floors is going to be a solid reason for you to raise the price just like that. You can always support local businesses and get the job done in the best quality.

Absolutely longest durable material

Wood types such as oak are more or less resilient to all sorts of weights. The sheer strength has always been a key characteristic of hardwood flooring. The strength is going to keep the wooden planks from being bruised or cracked.

While floating floors are relatively cheap, they sure do bruise and damage quickly. On top of that, when hardwood floors last for a lifetime, floating floors only go for a decade or so; but for the price, it’s not entirely bad as well. But when compared with hardwood flooring, floating floors are definitely not better.

Maintenance is quite affordable & convenient

No type of flooring stays the same as time goes by. This is why ideal replenishing is required. Let us assume that were was a permanent stain or a hole made on a wooden plank; it can be repaired. If the same problem happened with either laminate, vinyl, or hybrid flooring, the plank must be replaced.

Can perfectly be refinished

All vinyl, laminate, and hybrid floors cannot be repaired as mentioned. But there’s another downside, it’s the fact how the surfaces can be refinished. Refinishing is when the surface is sanded, and new lacquer and stain coats are applied, which more or else restore the look of the worn-off timber surfaces. This cannot be done in either laminate, vinyl, or hybrid. The only option is going for a complete replacement.

Saved labor cost might not be the best idea

A lot of people want to choose loose lay flooring given how you can do the laying on your own. But this is a property for a lifetime. If you’re not to spend for that matter for a lifetime, why not go for the better option in the first place?


The bottom line is that no matter how many types of flooring materials came to the market, the place and the recognition are not going down. Now that you know why so, it’s better to stick to reliable hardwood flooring to ensure that your investment is not wasted at all.

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