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What Homeowners Need To Consider When Choosing a Fence or Gate

Fences and gates are usually among those things that are not listed as top priority when deciding to build a home. Homeowners would usually be too preoccupied about planning their kitchen design, the amenities in the living room or what their bedroom must include. But, not many would think about the design of their gates and fences first. This is because many people are not keen on the idea of just how a fence or gate largely impacts security and privacy. Below is a list of things that must be considered before calling on the professional’s to install your fence or gate.

Determine Its Purpose

Privacy and security are two of the most common reasons why homeowners decide to have gates or fences. But, not all homeowners would decide to have a fence and gate with the same purpose in mind. Some people wanted to have a fence for the sake of keeping their pets within their yard. Others want longer fences and gates to block any sound outdoors. Others want a low fence so that the lovely flowers in their gardens can still be seen by passers-by. Once you’ve determined the purpose of having a fence or gate, you can now start planning what materials to use.

The Needed Maintenance

Although picket fences look very nice, using a wood material for it would entail more maintenance. Otherwise, these wooden picket fences will immediately rot or warp soon. So, if you want a fence made from timber, be prepared to include maintenance time among your to-do list on a periodic basis. Whatever type of fence you decide to have, make sure you are also aware of its maintenance requirements.

How Much You Are Willing to Spend

The cost of having a fence and gate would largely differ depending on the type of material. Putting up a fence all around your front and back yards is an ideal thing to do. However, this would entail more costs than expected. Even if you decide to use different types of materials, it would still be costly. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend way too much on fences and gates then you can definitely choose whatever you want after taking other important things into account. Search for woven wire fencing and gates Melbourne online so you will be given a heads up on the best materials to use.

Think about Your Neighbours

If you are living in a place where your neighbours are in close proximity then chances are an eight-foot fence may only serve to block their view of the road or pathway. Observe what type of fence is commonly used in your neighbourhood or ask if they’re okay with you having a very long fence. Be sure to consider the impact that your fence may have to your neighbour.


Investing in a really good fence and gate is definitely a wise idea. Depending on the type of fencing that you have, you will have the chance of a return of investment for as much as 65 percent. But, even if you don’t have plans of selling your home or getting that ROI, having a fence or gate is always a prudent thing to do than not having one.

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