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Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Curtains And Blinds

Money spent on home decor and home improvement is money well spent. But, things bought out of our hard earned money ideally should serve their purpose for a long time. As homeowners, our purchases should be wise investments at all times. If it is possible, we want to prolong the uses of our things to maximize the amount we have paid for it. We also don’t want to waste money on buying the same things over and over. Caring and maintaining for our curtains or blinds is easy, especially if we start as soon as we bought these window coverings. 

Follow Instructions To Take Care Of Your Curtains Or Blinds

The first thing you should do before even installing your curtains or blinds as soon as you bought it is to read. Read the instructions on how to care for them. For curtains, instructions on how to wash them are in the label. Be very careful since there are materials that would shrink if in case they were washed with hot water. Colors may also bleed if the wrong type of detergent was used. As for blinds, check if there are any special instructions on how to care for them. Usually, the first step to cleaning them is using a vacuum with a brush attachment to easily remove dust and debris build up. Once vacuuming is done, wiping the blinds with a sponge or towel wet with lukewarm soapy water is the next step. Avoid using abrasives and cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals since it could easily damage or scratch your curtains and or blinds.

Don’t Tug Too Hard On Your Curtains Or Blinds

Curtains or blinds even the most affordable ones could still be used for a long time as long as they are treated kindly. If you are opening or closing your curtains or blinds, make sure that you don’t tug too hard on it so the fabric would not rip or frayed or that the cords for the blinds don’t end up tangled. If you are on the lookout for affordable yet good quality curtains and or blinds, check out

Keep Them Away From Direct Sunlight

It might be contradictory since curtains and blinds are usually purchased to keep the sunlight away. But, direct sunlight usually causes dark curtains to fade in color. If you have light colored curtains, they have a lesser risk of fading so better use these curtains on windows that received direct sunlight. If you are using blinds, install some sheer curtains or drapes as an extra layer which will absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and will protect your blinds from color fading.

The purpose for curtains and blinds is to provide cover for windows, to add style, to keep sunlight away and to provide insulation during the colder season. Hanging curtains and blinds make them prone to dirt, dust and in some instances grease if hung in the kitchen and mold and mildew in the bathroom. This dirt and grime make the curtains and blinds look dull. Properly keeping them clean would prolong the lives of your curtains and blinds.

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