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Water seepage risk areas that can destroy your property

Most people don’t get the luxury of obtaining services of chartered architects or civil engineers to get their design or construction work done. This puts the property in grave danger by default.

 But there are other mistakes that one could make even with the best results; disregarding water seepages belong to that category. In this read, we will look at some of the most prominent risk areas that you should always look out for.

Through the roof

The job description of the roof is quite clear, safeguard from sun, wind, rain, and snow. But when it comes to the rain and snow, the situation is a bit tricky. As time goes, the orientation of the roof can alter due to being exposed to severe conditions such as the summer sun. Resulting cracks of all sorts, not only it can damage the ceiling material, but it can also damage the walls as well. Prolonged high moisturize levels of walls can cause direct structural issues.

Through the floor

Concreting of the subfloor is one of the most procedures followed in the present. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem necessary as long as the subfloor is well compacted soil. Most parts of Australia does not pose any serious seepage issues through the floor but since there is the risk even at the least risky areas, precautions must be taken. Direct seepages to the subfloor affects the soil profile. If the water table was at a relatively higher level, the seepage helps it to rise up. The final result of this complication is the softening of soil, cause complete structural failures. Thus, even the most minute amount of water seepage through the floor should not be allowed.

The best solution for this is going for 100% water proofing solutions. Although the conventional flooring options such as hardwood and bamboo reassures such characteristics, they will warp in no time since they absorb moisture through waterproof layers. You can always go for loose lay, or hybrid types of flooring not only because it’s extremely cost efficient but doesn’t bring any of the downsides in conventional flooring. Thus, if your area happened to have more soil moisture by nature, solutions like these would fix the issues. All you need to do is consult a company like XQ Floors Melbourne to help you out.

Through broken plumbing

Not all plumbing lasts for a lifetime. In fact, they don’t have to; pipes needs some repairs here and there. If you can audibly hear a difference between the amount of water that drops down to your pit from a bathroom or the kitchen, it’s a telltale sign. On the flip side, walls can skin paints from themselves causing cracks as well. To fix this, while you have to replace or at least completely repair your pipes, you need to repaint the walls with a better waterproofing seal.

The conclusion here is that, safeguarding your property from moisture is an absolute necessity. But sometimes, you can rule out these risks by default when you make the right decisions in the first place with professional advice.

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