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Twinkling Lights: How To Place Them

Outdoor lighting has made a statement not only in the domestic field but among various other vocational fields too. They are used to illuminate stores, buildings, hotels, and homes. Many factories and plants rely on outdoor lights for security as well.

Regardless of the industry outdoor lights can glam up any building and make it look stylish. Making anything look stylish is what we all desire. So why not upgrade your exteriors using light itself?

Types Of Outdoor Lighting

The Mercator outdoor lighting range provides a large assortment of lights ready to be installed anywhere and anytime. These are the most common types of floodlights available.

Flood Lights

Flood Lights provide wide spanning lighting, mainly used to light up every nook and cranny. They are very popularly used as a form of security too, with motion sensors in them. Used in Stadiums, Huge buildings and parking lots, and in other places that require a large span of light. Check the level of brightness and the space the light needs to cover before purchasing it

Landscape Lights

The lighting envelopes the entire space. It is used in both public and private spaces. This type of lighting possesses core elements of organic designs light pollution, LED use, scale, and controls. It efficiently illuminates outdoor spaces and can aid in the prevention of crimes.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Usually installed to avoid crime. The motion sensors detect infrared waves and react accordingly. They also detect heat, Ex: Humans, Cars. As soon as a motion is sensed the lights turn on automatically. They stay on for approximately 1 to 20 minutes and the sensors are deactivated during the day with a flick of a switch.


Customarily used in significant lighting and landscaping. They provide a narrow but highlighting illumination of simple details, they focus on a specific area. The thought is to avoid highlighting too many points generally your building will be over-lit, conceivably drawing more consideration. Fundamental areas to highlight are pools, statues, trees, architectural features, signs, and waterways.

Fairy Lights

A very trendy way to light up your exteriors and make it look mesmerizing. They can be used on trees and bushes, pergolas, and porches. They can be used as chandeliers or in their original manner, by stringing them in and around your exterior space. If you like extra then you can create a roof of lights or go a little overboard. 

Garden Lighting

Garden atmosphere needs to be illuminated. Use different lighting techniques to make your garden look rich and sophisticated.

Outdoor Garden Lamps And Bollard Lights

These lights generally look like a lamp. The light is placed on a rod or a spike with amazing and unique casing styles. Usually placed where ever you like, to highlight light pathways.

In-Ground Lights

These are spotlights that are embedded in the ground. Used to highlight the garden or pathways or driveways. They can also be installed underwater.

Mercator provides a wide range of lighting options that are suitable for both interior and exterior purpose. Choose the right light that serves the right function of illuminating and highlighting.

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