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Tips to Make Your Daughter’s Room Look Prettier

Admit it. Children are not always children. Yes, they grow up just like any adult. Along with this growth, there are also certain necessities that you should provide as a parent. For example, your daughter would need doll toys during her toddler years. However, once she reaches an older age, she would no longer need those toys. At some point, she’ll need a vanity kit to store all her personal care essentials. The same concept applies to your daughter’s room. As your daughter grows older, she would no longer a baby girl’s room. Hence, there is a need to redecorate it. Below are some tips that you should know to capture your daughter’s coming-of-age.


A common misconception about redecorating is that you will incur a high cost because you need to buy new stuff. Well, you do not really need to buy new stuff. As long as the item is still in good condition and you have a purpose for it, then you can retain it. Before you start redecorating, you should first create an inventory of everything that you have. Visit your storage area and garage to check if you have other items that you can use.


Once you have completed your inventory, you should choose a design that will match your inventory. In thinking of a design, make sure that you select the most age-appropriate for your children. Choosing a design that is more mature or too baby-like would defeat the purpose of redecorating. For example, if your daughter is no longer a toddler, you might want to think of a design that would replace the toy box in her. Instead, consider giving her a dressing table that she can use every day while she get dressed. If you are unsure, you can ask your daughter for any room preferences that she may want.  


After choosing a design, start creating a new floor plan. Think of where the bed and cabinets should be located. Check if it matches with the overall flow of the room. Afterwards, start rearranging the items inside the room. This is a good way to create a different look of your room without spending a dollar for it. You can create more functions for the room by creating new zones within that space. For example, add a reading nook beside your existing bookshelf. However, it remains important for you to consider the lighting fixtures in rearranging the items inside the room.


Since you have already identified the items that you think are still necessary for the new room, now is the time to include them in the newly rearranged room. This can add not only storage, but also seating areas. The small carpet that you found in your storage area can be used in your daughter’s newly redecorated room. Consider repainting the old items that you have and giving a new design on them by painting them with a different color.

Redecorating does not always have to be a costly project for you to work on. There is a cheaper way to do things by looking into your house and buying only the other necessities that you need. Consider these tips in working on your daughter’s room and make sure it’s age-appropriate for her.

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