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Tips in Decorating Your Home with Indoor Plants

Sometimes, a touch of greenery is what your home needs to give it a fresher look. While outdoor gardens increase the curb-side appeal of your yard, indoor plants brings life to any area around in your house. Decorating with indoor plants is basically easy when you know the basics. Here are some useful tips that could help you grow and care for your indoor plants so they would look their best.

How to Group and Arrange Indoor Plants

Grouping and arrangement is the key to make your indoor plant display pleasing to the eye. Aside from choosing the right plants, you must also consider how they would complement each other when put together.

When grouping plants, odd numbers look more casual and natural while even numbers make it look formal and balanced. Asymmetry looks perfect and makes your plant display more eye-catching. Put beside each other plants that are of the same size or height for a more organic look. You can also make your display more interesting by putting together plants that have different growth patterns. When it comes to colour, you can plant together those that have similar hues for harmony or combine different coloured foliage for a unique look.

In choosing pots, make sure that it complements the colour palette of that certain area you’re decorating so they won’t look out of place. There are plenty of designs, finishes and textures to choose from. You can even find uniquely shaped pots to accentuate your indoor plant display.

Caring for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants need adequate care and maintenance just like regular outdoor plants. Make sure to place your plant where it can be reached by sunlight to keep it healthy and green. Water drainage is also important for indoor plants. Check the pots if they have drainage holes to avoid water-logging your plant. Don’t forget to place saucers under the pots to catch excess water and prevent it from spreading on the floor.

Green Walls

Having plants on your wall add a touch of mystery to your home’s interior. Vines and other crawling plants are the most popular pick since they just follow where they are directed to grow. However, they need proper maintenance such as regular misting and adequate source of sunlight to keep them lush and beautiful. If you love the idea yet don’t have a sunny wall area inside your home, try artificial vertical garden panels instead. Because they are artificial plants, they don’t need water or sunlight anymore. Just keep them clean to maintain their best appearance. To create a wall of plants, simply get some linkable panels of artificial plants and assemble them on your wall’s surface.

Decorating with plants is an affordable yet lovely way of beautifying your home. If you’re on a budget yet still want to update the look of your home, there’s no need to buy expensive home decors and accents. Simply choose your favourite plants and arrange them well to make your home look vibrantly stunning.

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