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Things to Know When Cleaning Your Home

If you are someone who hates cleaning then cleaning your home can be a difficult task for you. However, if you break down the cleaning process then the task will be both faster and easier for you to carry out.

Make a Plan

Making a cleaning schedule will help you be more organized and aware of the cleaning tasks that you have for a particular day. Breaking down the tasks that you have to do into different days will be beneficial to you as then you will spend less hours cleaning. For example, you can opt to clean the bathroom on Mondays, the living room on Tuesday’s, and the kitchen on Wednesdays; you can do the laundry on Thursdays etc. Once you have made the cleaning schedule you should paste the schedule in a prominent place such as on the mirror or your bedroom door so that you will not forget. You should also set a time for yourself to carry out the tasks because if not you may find yourself putting the task off for a later hour which may result in you not doing the task.

How to Clean?

Cleaning the floor and dusting furniture are basic things. For example, to clean the floor you can use a broom and dust the furniture you can use a duster. However, there are other items such as table linen which may be more difficult to clean. For instance, linen is a very fine material and therefore should be handled with utmost care. Therefore if you are washing your linen it should not be put in the washing machine as linen is likely to shrink in the machine. Therefore you should first get instructions on how to clean linen. For example, hand washing or dry cleaning linen would be best. It is also important that when you are washing white material you do not wash the whites with other colours. It is important to separate the whites from other fabrics as the colour would run and get on to the white linen. Therefore you should be very mindful when you are washing your clothes because if not it could result in a piece of clothing or cloth getting damaged.

The Benefits

Cleaning your home daily will not only make the environment cleaner and more comfortable to live in but you will also less likely have dust and rodents around your house which if present could lead to big problems. For example, when dust collects it can cause you to start sneezing heavily and having rodents running around the house can result in animal droppings around the house. Cleaning daily will also save you the hassle of spending the entire day cleaning and it will make your house appear new. Especially if you have an old house, if you take care of your home well then it may not appear old. Cleaning your home will also help you find damages around the house which you will then be able to attend to.

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