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The Main Components of a Security System

Do you need a security system? The answer is always yes. It doesn’t matter that you live in a safe neighbourhood or you don’t own things much value, you’re never completely free from any danger. According to surveys, almost a fifth of all Australian homes have been burgled at one time or the other. It’s not just burglars that you have to worry about either, there’s always chance that dangerous animals could enter your neighbourhood.

It’s always better to ensure the safety of your family beforehand rather than wait for something to happen. If you have young children or pets, a good home security system is a must.

If you don’t know how to shop for a security system, don’t worry. In this article we will cover the main components of any security system. These usually come in the same bundle but if you prefer to buy each component separately, then this guide should help you out.

The Control Panel

As the name implies, this is the central device that allows you to turn the entire system on and off. You can make sure that no one else has access to the security system by configuring a password for it. More advanced control panels also have things like voice recognition and fingerprint scanners, which add an extra later of security.

Control panels, like the ones from Bosch Home Security, also let you control other components like your video cameras and is always connected to the security company. The latter feature is quite useful during emergencies.

The Alarm

A loud, high-pitched alarm serves a few different purposes. Firstly it has the potential to frighten off the perpetrator or wild animal that set off the alarm. Secondly, it warns you and your family of a possible attack and allows you a chance to get to safety. Third, it notifies your neighbours that you might be in danger so that they can either call the authorities or rush to help you.

Motion Sensors

These sensors typically use either vibrations or infrared waves to detect any movement in the house. So if there’s a break-in the motion sensor will detect the movement of the intruder and sound the alarm if it is configured to. Once the motion sensors are connected to the control panel, you can configure the latter to send automatic notifications to the security company when there is movement.

Security Cameras

Cameras are an essential part of any security system. They monitor both the interior and exterior of your house and the feed is usually recorded so that you can view it later. Nowadays you can control the feed with a smartphone app. You can view what happened on a specific date or even rotate the camera and switch from one to the other.

Security cameras are quite useful if you have young children. You can check on their whereabouts without having to be behind them all the time.

These are the main components of any basic security system. If you can afford them, other components such as window sensors and electronic door locks can help you further secure your home.

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