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Proper Care and Maintenance for a Garage Door

Maintaining a garage door is oftentimes overlooked by most homeowners. However, neglecting your garage door may even cost you a lot when it gets damaged. Checking it doesn’t require much time; in fact, a thorough inspection can only take a few minutes to an hour. Doing this twice a year is enough to lengthen the life of a garage door. Here’s how to do an inspection to keep your garage door on its optimal performance.

Listen to it

The first signs you can observe from a problematic garage door is noise and jerky movements. In good conditions, garage doors work smooth and quiet. However, if you notice scraping or grating sounds coupled with unusual movements then it’s time to check it. Inspect all parts of it such as the pulleys, springs, cables and the slats. Make sure they look symmetrical and nothing is stuck in them.

Clearing the Tracks

Keeping the tracks free from dirt and debris helps keeps your garage door working smoothly. You can do this by simply cleaning up all the accumulated dirt and scraping rust that have formed. Oiling them keeps the tracks lubricated for a quiet and smooth operation. For major track problems, contact a professional roller door repairs Melbourne.

Tighten it

A regularly used garage door can end up having loose hardware due to the frequent motion and vibration it is subjected into. Loose hardware affects the overall performance of a garage door and might even cause bigger problems if left unnoticed. Check the brackets and tighten up those loose bolts you can see.

Inspecting and Replacing the Rollers

Regular inspection of rollers is important. Spend a few moments looking for cracks and chips on your rollers. It is recommended that you replace them after 5 to 7 years, or when they look worn out as it can decrease the efficiency of your garage door. Simply replace the damaged rollers by removing the brackets that hold them in place and install a new one.

Check the Cables and Pulleys

Never touch those cables and springs when inspecting it since they are highly dangerous. Just take a look and inspect it for breaks or other damage. When you find problems, avoid doing self-repair. Instead, call a professional to do the job.


Keeping all those moving parts lubricated is a great way to maintain a garage door. It lengthens the life of the rollers by reducing stress and friction between surfaces. You can do this at least twice a year or when needed. Make sure to wipe all the surfaces clean before applying a lubricant.

Check the Weather-stripping

Most garage doors have a rubber weather-stripping attached along the bottom edge to prevent dust, dirt and cold temperatures from easily seeping inside. You can buy weather-stripping on hardware stores and simply install it by yourself.

You can actually save a lot when you do these simple yet effective steps in maintaining a garage door. To make it easier to remember, try scheduling it together with other seasonal activities.

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