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How to Work In a Small Kitchen without Letting Size Cramp Your Style?

Brighten Up the Space

Plenty of light and bright coloured surfaces can naturally help to make your kitchen feel bigger than it is. Always try your best to make use of the natural light that your kitchen it receiving. If your kitchen doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, or if opening up the windows might create a hindrance to your privacy, then make sure to install plenty of artificial lighting for your kitchen. Pendant lights and ceiling lights are a personal favourite of ours to make kitchens brighten up instantly. If you’re afraid of an increment in your utility bills, switch to energy-saving LED lights which are a lot more cost effective. This is especially a good move if you plan on doing a lot of cooking at home.

Use Less Furniture

Most kitchens usually have a lot of furniture in it. From the pantry set to the prep stations, to kitchen tables to at least a few kitchen stools; most kitchens have at least a few of this mentioned furniture. If your kitchen is the same, then ask yourself if you really need all that furniture within your kitchen. Put out everything that you can, and make sure whatever you cannot do without has a dual purpose. A great example of this would be a breakfast bar. It not only doubles as a kitchen table, but it also works as a prep station for your cooking.

Keep Everything You Don’t Need For Every Day Purposes outside the Kitchen

Not everything we need in the kitchen and for cooking is used every day. Things like your “good cutlery”, crystal wine glasses, or the extra dinnerware sets used for guests, for example, need not be around for easy access every day. These things can easily be stored elsewhere. Chic designer sideboards, for example, are a great place to store these things. Not only does it takes away the things and frees your kitchen, it also does a great job at making your living room look spruced up!

Learned To Cook With Less Equipment

Most modern day chefs are all about the equipment. And while it definitely makes our lives easier by doing all the labour for us, and reducing the prep time, it also goes without saying that it takes up a lot of our counter and storage spaces as well. There are two simple solutions for this; use multi-purpose equipments (so you don’t have a lot lying around, cluttering up the space), or learned to cook the old-fashioned way.

Make a Habit of Washing up As You Work

Are you a messy home cook? If so, chances are that you’re used to piling all your dirty dishes in the sink until you’re done the cooking, and that you spend a long time arranging the kitchen once you’re done the cooking. This is a habit you’ll have to change. Make a habit of washing up your dishes as your cook instead. Tidy up as you go, returning things to their place once you’re done using it. This will reduce the clutter, and make your kitchen feel bigger, which inevitably will help you cook better as well.

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