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How To Give Your Home And Life A Makeover

Sometimes we treat ourselves the same way and overlook what it is doing to us. We are all stuck in a loop, doing the same things, seeing the same things making change unacceptable. But you need to learn to move on because even the smallest changes will make you mentally and physically prepared for bigger ones

Change Your Surroundings

No, we do not mean that you have to move to a new country or location, just change the way your surroundings look. Well, if you could afford to move to a new place then good for you, go for it without hesitation.

Give Your Home A Makeover

Your house is where you spend most of your time so change will have to start from home. For example, if you’ve had the same old curtains your whole life, go for something more uplifting such as roman blinds. It will give your house a rich and extravagant look whilst uplifting your mood and making you feel like royalty.

Get Creative With The Walls

Walking into that same plane jane house every day may root a feeling of a basic persona. You should know you’re special, you’re different, let yourself remember that every day. Head to the closest DIY store and purchase a vibrant (or not) color of paint that you think best suits your personality. Or perhaps you could match the paint with the color of your newly purchased blinds.

Move The Furniture Around

Do you always know where your furniture is? Since when did you let the challenge die? Make your life more challenging, make your brain work itself out. Change the places of the furniture, maybe according to some Feng Shui advice or according to your preference. Switch rooms if you’re feeling more motivated to challenge yourself.

Make Yourself Do New Things

Little things like changing your curtain are great but there are many other things you could do. Change the color of your wardrobe, or change the type of items in it. Sometimes you stick to the same routine or the same type of clothes which gives people the illusion that they know you inside out, that you’re the same every single day of your life; this also drastically reduces the number of compliments that you might otherwise receive.

Make New Friends

Maybe at work or other familiar places. In addition to that, why not take another step and explore. Go to someplace new, join something, maybe a sport or a book club or any other social activity that you think you would be alright to be invested in. Keep things fun too, do not force yourself. If you think a stranger looks pretty today, tell them, make them happy, it will give you an accomplished feeling too. Who knows, they might be your new best friend.

Show Off

Invite friends and family over, show them your latest curtains and different walls. Receive some awe, feel the change in you.

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