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How to Create a Bedroom that You Actually Like

Have you ever come across a perfect bedroom on TV or on Pinterest and thought ‘I wish my bedroom was like that too’? But how do you create a bedroom that looks it is straight out of a lifestyle magazine? It has to be something that brings out your personality but also cosy and intimate. For those of you who are wondering, read about the following tips to find out.

Use Lights to Create the Mood

You might be surprised by the number of ways you can use lighting in a bedroom. There are also plenty of light sources that you can use. In order to create the intimate feeling, try to use the ceiling light as less and instead focus on low lights.

The soft glow of a bedside lamp when you are in bed will more comfortable to the eyes as well as your mind at night. But in addition to lamps, you can get creative with the light sources. LED light strips, string lights and fairy lights are sources you can use to create a more personal look. During the day time, try to let in natural light as much as possible.

Choose Your Bed

If you are still using the bed from your childhood room, then it is time to change that. Since it is going to be the centrepiece of the room, it is ok to invest in a quality bed. If you like to add a little dramatic and romantic flair, choose a four-poster bed.

But if you prefer not to have curtains or frills, you can try to use a good bedpost to bring out your personal style. Depending on the style of your room and the resources you have with you, you can either make your DIY board or get a personalised one made.


Rugs are a perfect addition to make a room cosy. Touching a soft surface when you first get out of the morning will be more comfortable than touching the cold floor. Using an area rug is always good choice when it comes to the bedroom. But you can also use runner rugs on the either side of the bed. Whether you want area rugs or runner rugs Australia has plenty of stores in which you can shop for your favourite cosy bedroom products. So don’t hesitate to type in your search bar and find stores closest to you.

Personalised Accessories

Use something personal as accessories or decoration. This could be your favourite movie poster collection, little trinkets you have saved from vacations or printed photos of you and your loved ones. If you like to give it a more poetic effect, get some printouts of the quotes by your favourite authors and hang them on your wall. Your bedroom should be reflecting your personality and individuality. So don’t hesitate to do your decoration the way you want.

Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and pillows never fail to make your bedroom look super cosy. They are also the perfect choices to add some dimension and texture to the overall appearance and the ambience of the room. Layering throw blankets is the great way to make your bed more comfortable and look like your own personal haven. Add in some throw pillows too and you will never want to get up from the bed.

Your bedroom I should be your safe haven. Therefore, it has to look welcoming and feel comfortable so you can retreat there after a long day. Make sure to follow these tips and you can have the most Instagram worthy bedroom ever!

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