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How to Choose the Right Drapes for Your Bedroom

The benefit of choosing the right drapes for the bedroom is that not only will they maintain your privacy but also will give your room a more personalized look. But how to choose the right style, colour or the design of the curtains? Here are some ideas you can look into when choosing the right type of drape that will go with the style of the room.

Window Drapes

Usually interior design experts suggest having a more formal or feminine looking drapery for bedroom windows. They often include toppers such as swags, valences or window scarves. Grommets, rod pocket panels, pleated drapes, or tab top drapes are some of the popular curtain styles used in bedrooms. A quick search for places to shop for curtains Blue Mountain   s will give you a list of places to choose from. Consider how often you will be opening and closing the curtains and whether your room is located in a place where it gets direct sunlight before choosing a style. You can opt to let them hang straight to the floor or sweep them to the back by tying them.

Fabric Ideas

You can choose the curtain fabric depending on the sort of atmosphere you want to create within the room. It can either be romantic and elegant or more light and trendy. Traditionally, plaid, stripes or floral patterns are used commonly for drapes. Silk and velvet are a common choice for bedroom drapery, but to add more privacy and protection from sunlight, choose lined curtains or blackout curtains to block light from the room. If you want a trendier look and does not like floral or plaid, you can opt for geometrically patterned fabrics or even plain single coloured ones.

Canopy Curtains

Although this is not something you have to do as a must when decorating your bedroom canopies add a little extra look to the place. Especially if you like to add a touch of elegance and romance into the bedroom try adding a canopy to your bed. There are a few styles you can choose for this. One is corona, where the fabric is hung above the bed by a crown, usually made of wood. The next type is drapery backdrop, where the drapes are hung on the wall behind the bed, usually from a rod or beneath a valance. The final style is four poster drapes, where the drapes are hung from the top rails of a four-poster bed.


The colours of the drapes define the mood of the room just as the colours on the walls. If you want darker shades of red, green and blue are some colours you can go for. Red is an energizing colour that makes people active. Green creates a relaxing mood and blue too is good for anxiety and insomnia. Lighter colours you can choose are light purple for a calming effect, light brown to add cosiness to the place, turquoise for peaceful nature and yellow for relaxation.

Be mindful of the above ideas when you are decorating your bedroom. Not only will you be able to give it a classy look but it will also look cosy and homely.

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