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Building Inspections Adelaide – Structural Defects

Precise Building Inspections provide building inspections Adelaide that seek out all kinds of defects. For pre-purchase inspections, there are a number of structural defects we report on. Many buildings contain a degree of structural defects that we need to report to ensure that our client (the potential buyer) is getting the right price for the home, or if they want to buy it at all.

What is a Structural Defect?

Our building inspectors Adelaide get asked all kinds of questions regarding the “get out” clause in their contract regarding “subject to a major structural defect”. The “subject of major structural defect” clause that is usually included in sales contracts is beneficial to the vendor, not the potential buyer. This clause should never be accepted.

What are structural defects? Generally it means any property that is defect in a structural element. This is attributed to a building that contains defective or faulty workmanship, defective design or defective materials. It also includes:

  • Results in, or will probably result in, the property or any part of the building being required by law to be prohibited or closed from use, or
  • Prevents, or will most likely prevent, the ongoing practical use of the property or any part of the building, or
  • Results in, or will likely result in:
  1. The destruction of the building or property
  2. Physical structural damage to the building
  3. Results in, or will most likely result in, a risk of imminent collapse that will cause destruction to the building or physical damage to the property or any part of the property.

Structural elements of a building means:

  • Any external or internal load-bearing element of the building that is vital to the stability of the property or any part of the building. This includes floors, walls, foundations, roofs, beams and columns.
  • Any element (including weatherproofing) that forms an aspect of the external walls of the building or roof.


There are differing elements of major structural defects and building inspectors Adelaide will be able to assist with explaining these levels. For example, there may be some stump foot rotting, however is this a major defect? Although it may be considered major, it may mot be worth backing out of the sale as this is something that can be rectified for a good price.

Additionally, if the entire home requires re-stumping then this could b a reason to back out of a purchase. It is important to get in contact with the professionals at Building Inspections Adelaide so our team of qualified building inspectors can ensure that the property is fit for living.

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