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Bathroom Heaters: Types, Safety, and Benefits

Most homes nowadays have exhaust fans installed in their bathroom. It helps in getting rid of excess moisture in the air, bad odours, humidity, and other pollutants. During cold seasons you can rely on it to make your bathroom cosy and wire. However, if the time comes that you need to replace your exhaust fan, it would be better to replace it with something more functional like bathroom heaters.

Bathroom heaters provide all the functionality that a standard exhaust fan can offer. What makes it more convenient than the exhaust fan is that it can heat your bathroom, especially during cold seasons. Best of all, it does not consume much energy, compared to exhaust fans.

If you’re not convinced with what bathroom heaters can do, here are the benefits that make it worth buying.

Prevents Mould and Mildew Growth

One of the reasons why there are mould and mildew growth in the bathroom is because of the presence of too much moisture that is accumulated inside the toilet. If you left unnoticed, it could cause accidents due to slippery fixtures and floors and unwanted stains in the bathroom tiles. With the presence of bathroom heaters, moisture and odour in the air will be removed.

Keeps the Bathroom Nice and Warm

Have you experienced using the bathroom during cold seasons? Surely, you don’t want even want to let your legs touch the surface of the toilet bowl because of the cold sensation. With bathroom heaters, you can use the bathroom with ease and comfort because it is well ventilated and warm.

Keeps Bathroom Fixtures and Mirrors Dry

If your bathroom fixtures and mirrors are dry, rest assured that there will be no moulds that could ruin and stain your fixtures. Even though you have an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom, it does not have the same functions and effectively that bathroom heaters can provide. So if you are going to shop for a bathroom heater, you can browse the extensive collection of online electrical wholesaler. The bathroom heaters come at an affordable price and are easy to install, so you no longer have to worry about labour. A matter of fact, it has different types which could match your preferences. These are:

Portable Bathroom Heaters

This type of bathroom heater is designed with safety plugs that are highly recommended for bathroom, kitchen, and basement use. The safety plugs prevent electrical shots, so you are cautioned even operating in wet areas.

Ceiling or Wall-Mounted Bathroom Heaters

If you want a safer alternative for portable bathroom heaters, you can opt for ceiling or wall mounted bathroom heaters. It diminishes the chances of getting an electric shock because it is installed at the wall or hardwired to the existing wiring.

These are the things that you should know when you switch from exhaust fan to bathroom heaters. Compared to the exhaust fan, the bathroom heater is a no-brainer to install. All you need is to read the manual and follow the instructions indicated to install this fantastic bathroom electrical device.

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