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Advantages of a Wicking Bed for Your Garden

A wicking bed has water at the bottom which is then ‘wicked’ up into the soil above keeping the soil moist. This is achieved by having a waterproof lining at the bottom of the bed which results in a water reservoir below the soil.

To prevent this from becoming muddy and messy, there is a layer of stones at the bottom where the water is sitting. So the soil doesn’t bear down on the water layer squeezing it out of the bed. If you are looking for self-watering garden beds, you can consider a wicking bed. If you live in a dry climate where rainfall is low, a wicking bed is a good option. Wicking beds are very popular with those that are into gardening and this is because it makes gardening easy and manageable. And you will also be able to save water with the use of these beds. This gardening method uses very little water. The water at the bottom will be absorbed by the roots. You don’t need to worry about water evaporating off the top soil; this is because the soil at the top is quite dry because the water is at the bottom. This is the opposite when you water a bed from above.

Because you don’t need to water it often, you don’t have to worry about not watering the beds every day. The wicking bed and manage on its own for a few days or sometimes even a few weeks. If you are a fan of gardening but don’t have a lot of time to give for its maintenance, a wicking bed can be the best solution for you. You can simply pack up and go on a vacation without having to worry about watering the plants. You will find weeds in soil that has a lot of moisture. But in a raised garden bed, the soil drains very well and this will lead to fewer weeds in the bed. With routine weeding, you will be able to eliminate them altogether. For people who live in small spaces such as apartments will find that this is a good option for them to try out gardening. Water will not run off and create a mess because the bed is watered from the bottom.

When you are planting in the ground, you will not be able to plant below trees that have an extensive root structure under the ground. This is because these roots take up a lot of the water and nutrients in the soil. But with a raised bed, the resources for the plants will not be taken from the existing bed. So you will not be limited in where you plant. While these wicking beds are a great option for dry climates, you can also use it in wet climates. There is efficient water drainage due to the raised bed and there is an overflow pipe that will drain away any excess water from the water reservoir. You can also use this indoors and outdoors which gives you a lot of flexibility with your garden.

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