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9 Things to Do before Clearing out Your House for a Big Move

If you’re moving home, then here are 10 things to pay attention to before the official move.

Make Sure You Have the Sufficient Amount of Moving Boxes

When it comes to moving homes, there’s never enough boxes to keep at hand. From separating the things in your existing home (things to keep, things to give away, things to sell etc.), to moving it to your new home, these boxes will be of great use to you.

Contacting a Responsible Mover with a Large Enough Vehicle

For sure there are plenty of movers, but not all of them will suit your purpose. Find a mover who will not only be responsible enough, but also has a large enough vehicle to move all your things in one go. You’ve hit the jackpot if they provide an unpacking service as well…!

Packaging Items That Ensure the Safety of Your Things As They Are Moved

No matter how good a driver is, chances are that some of your things may be damaged while being transported. To reduce this, make sure to pack your valuable and delicate in plenty of bubble wrap¾to reduce the impact.

Let Your Workplace and Your Child’s School Know about the Move

If your move is not due to a work promotion, then you’ll have to inform your workplace of your intentions at least a month ahead. Quite similarly, if you have children, and you’ll have to remove them from their school due to the move, you will need to inform their school in advance as well.

Make Sure You See To the Change of Address

Obviously, moving homes means a change of address. You need to make sure that you let you change of address be known to your bank and your insurance company. Likewise, change your online billing address as well as the details on your driver’s license.

Let Your Internet Provider Know About Your Change of Address

The last thing you want to put yourself or your family through after a big move of residence is to spend time disconnected from the internet and the phone. Informing your service provider of your move will make sure you will have internet in your new home¾from the moment you move into it.

Make Sure You Arrange For an After Move Cleaning Service

Any home after a move will be a huge mess. And cleaning it up can be very tedious and tiring¾the absolute last thing you want to add to the rest of the stress related to moving homes. Look for a service that deals with easy end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to help you with this.

Make Sure Your New Home’s Security Is Up-To-Date

The safety of you and your family is primary, and the first measure you would take for it is the home security system. Make sure the security system of your new home is up-to-date. Whether it means updating the existing one, or installing a brand new system is entirely up to you.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Cleaned Out and Ready for You

Like we mentioned, a house that was previously live in is generally a disaster zone when emptied. If the previous owner of your new place didn’t feel the same as you, and cleaned out their mess, then it’s up to you to clean your new place. Doing it before all your things arrive is always a wise move.

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