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5 Super Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Look Fabulous To Visitors

When it comes to entertaining visitors at home, we are always at the top of our game. We look at the trending recipes to serve our guests with and find the most elegant serving trays and general décor to keep our guests impressed. Apart from this, we believe there are 5 more simple tricks to WOW your guests. Read ahead to find what they are.

1. Take Time To Groom Your Garden

A well-groomed garden not only looks fabulous and gives you a sense of peace, but it also makes your visitors go green with envy! If you have the necessary garden space, take the time to make sure it’s well groomed. Use the age-old trick of planting plants that require little attention to ensure you don’t have to spend too much time and effort on the garden to keep it looking alive and thriving. Of course, if you like gardening and have the time for it, go all out with the “diva” plants! Alternatively, if you don’t have the required space, you can also try pot planting.

2. Make Sure You Update The Exterior Paint Regularly

Our exterior walls receive a lot of sunlight and rain, which inevitably makes it fade faster than the interior does. Consider your interior painting and outer wall painting as two separate tasks, taking the time to update the latter more often. Use a professional service to get your exterior house painting Ipswich done in order to reduce the amount of mess you’d accumulate if you decide to DIY.

3. Have A Fancy Doormat To Welcome Your Visitors

Funky door mats are always a fun way to entertain your guests even before they enter your home. In fact, we believe it makes them smile while entering your home! But if you’re looking for elegant rather than funky, then try out a few fancier options for door mats. Be warned though; these are for the sole purpose of wiping the bottom of the shoe¾so don’t spend over extravagantly on them.

4. Regularly Update Your Room Of Entertaining

We all have a room we prefer entertaining our “need-to-impress” guests. This may be the best room in our home or even one with the best view. In this case, take the time to regularly update this room so that it doesn’t outdated. Make sure to regularly wash/dry clean your curtains, and keep your ornaments and knickknacks updated. If you have the knack for it, try rearranging your furniture periodically as well. This will give this room a fresh feel¾even to you! If this room happens to have an attached powder room, make sure to keep it clean and fresh at all times as well.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Upholstery

With time, all upholstery tends to look faded, dusty or even become lumpy. If your sofas (or other furniture used for entertaining) are getting on with age, you might want to try to look at it with fresh eyes. Regularly vacuuming your sofa prevents dust from settling in, and shampooing at least once a year will keep the material bright and fresh. If your sofa has become uncomfortable and lumpy, consider replacing the upholstery, rather than spending a huge amount on replacing the sofa set itself. This not only helps you save money, but it also works if you have an emotional attachment with this particular piece of furniture.

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