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3 Must-Haves When Renovating Your Bathroom

In life we all have our list of essentials that we take or believe in that helps us go through our day. Little tips, hacks and tricks that are foolproof and have helped us survive our lives so far. Similarly, our homes also require a few essential items in order to make the place liveable. For each person the list of necessary items may vary but at the end of the day something’s do not change.

If you have ever thought or considered redoing your bathroom, this too has a list of must haves. You might want to make it look like a hotel bathroom or you might prefer something a little more cosy and homely. Either way here is some of the must haves when you do ever get down to renovating your bathroom.

A place for toiletries

Whether you are renovating your own or a guest bathroom in your house, there should be sufficient space for your toiletries. A large vanity with a life size mirrors maybe an unnecessary push but having sufficient space for your toiletries are important.

This may include toothbrush and paste holder, soap or face wash and anything that you or a guest will want in their daily morning or bathroom routine. Other than having your toiletries fall off due to the lack of space this is a key feature that you should think about before renovating.

Towel rack and cupboard for amenities

A towel rack is of course a no brainer, it seems almost sort of obvious but what about a cupboard for utilities? You have probably come across that annoying problem of where to store new supplies such as soap and even cleaning supplies. Your bathroom can tend to look cluttered and disorganized.

So having a place to store your toiletries and supplies is honestly the best idea. This can also be used to store towels, robes, toilet paper and just about anything that might help a guest especially when they have no idea on where things are. This is a neat and practical fixture to have. The best part is you do not require it to be that large it can be efficiently made to fit the specifications of your bathroom.

Placement of fixtures

Have you ever walked into a bathroom somewhere and thought to yourself why is this where it is? It seems so unpractical and intruding. Chances are it was probably made that way, as there was not much of a choice but also may be due to bad planning and placement. Hence why it is crucial to think about and go through suggestions before planning the layout of your bathroom.

If you want to find out more about bathroom renovations in Melbourne Gia Renovations are the best people for the job. Their experience and expertise will be paramount to help you organize and plan the best and efficient way to design your bathroom fixtures. It also helps to have a professional eye too.

Keep these tips in mind before you renovate your bathroom.

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